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Coherence of space, function, design and ideas in a space where wholeness and continuity intertwine to elevate a home into a haven. From spatial connectivity to materiality to the experiential, The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis is an ensemble telling the story of wanderlust.

A duo of contemporary towers – understated and elegant in their simplicity – provide the setting for a whimsical tale of wonder and wander. The discreet external architecture unfolds to reveal an ambitious, aspiring space within. Unbridled by the limitations of concrete walls, The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis reaches for a bold vision – to bring the world into this serviced residence solely through the artistry of architectural, landscaping and interior design.

By using colors, materials, structures, patterns, design elements and flora in a strategic and clever way, reality is reimagined. Thematic spatial experiences and the unique character of different places and cultures from around the globe are transported into here. Step into a home that transports you into resort living and a globetrotting lifestyle.

The Heart Of Everything Matters

Located at a strategic location of KL Metropolis, multiple business hubs are within reach in minutes. The Fiddlewoodz expands beyond limits to deliver an incredible living environment by the spirit of travel.

A City For The New Generation

Seamless connectivity and accessibility. Lifestyle malls and MITEC, the beating heart of the city. The best of human ingenuity has come together to create a modern, inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.

A Capital Master Piece Of Kuala Lumpur

Integrated with trade, commerce, living and transport in one bustling hub of Mont Kiara. It’s definitely a preferred international convention destination.








Step into a horizon that defies the imagination. Geography is only a matter of perspective. Imagine if the wonder of the world’s most defining locations can be created right where you are. Imagine travelling to exotic locations any time you want without leaving home.

The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis strives to make this a reality for you. Bright hues of cherry blossoms transport you to balmy spring days in Japan while a medley of plants and blooms in the Aurora Sky Garden mimic the twinkling lights of the Aurora Borealis. Pools are designed with a nod to the Santorini wonders.

It is not just about a destination but the whole experience of exploration. Hand-picked artwork pay homage to cultures around the world. Lush gardens bring to mind pampering resorts.


The world is your playground. Simple is made special every day. At every turn, ordinary can quickly become extraordinary. At The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis, living, playing and dining need never be mundane. Spaces are brimming with promises, waiting to be uncovered by your ingenuity.

Cradled within a cocoon of genius design, you could be anywhere in the world! Our facilities decks, gym, lounges, function space, playroom, gardens and pools recreate some of the most well-known destinations and beloved travel experiences.

You could be frolicking in a pool in Greece; scrambling through hobbit holes in the Hobbiton; dining in a tatami lounge in a Japanese tea house; sipping wine in a cavern dining lounge; wandering in a Copenhagen hall; or finding your Zen in a yoga retreat. Imagine strolling under the stunning aurora borealis; having a drink at the incomparable ice bar; taking a dip in a Nordic thermal bath; or relaxing in a cabana peering into the sunset on an exotic beach.

What else can you conjure up? The potential is endless!

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